Magnetic Pulse Therapy

Magnetic Pulse Therapy is a relatively new and very effective form of physical therapy.  It is simply a physical / biophysical modality used to accelerate therapeutic purposes.

Magnetic Pulse Therapy permeates all cells, enhances ion exchange, normalizes circulation and increases the oxygen utilization of the cell.

Cellular functions can be improved by influencing the body with packed impulse bundles in a magnetic field.

Magnet Pulse Therapy can reduce pain, reduce inflammation, stimulate and increase circulation and help with rehabilitation.

Magnetic Pulse Therapy can be used to treat the following conditions:

  • Arthritic joints – Orthopedic conditions – Fractures.
  • Chronic pain – Acute inflammation
  • Soft tissue problems – sore back, muscle tightness, body soreness.
  • Open wounds and circulatory problems.
  • Hip dysplaysia, bursitis and tendonitis