What Makes a Specialist Special?

The use of the title specialist is limited by law in the province of Manitoba to specialist’s only. The general chiropractic doctor is required to study a minimum 7 years. A chiropractic specialist studies an additional 3 years receiving further diagnostic and treatment education. Additional requirements are required after graduation (to maintain licensure) and include regular publishing in approved medical journals, lecturing to other chiropractors and specialists, and/or attending scientific symposiums.

Chiropractic specialties are regulated by governing bodies that oversee minimal standards. Specialty colleges in Canada, for example, require curriculum that is taught by the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) or another accredited chiropractic school, and practice standards are regulated by the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA), the appropriate Canadian specialist college board, and/or the Manitoba Chiropractic Association board (MCA).

Specialties recognized in Canada include Radiology, Clinical Sciences, Orthopedics, Sports Sciences, andPhysical Rehabilitation, which is the specialty of our doctors.

The college that regulates the Physical Rehabilitation specialty is located in Toronto, and is called the College of Chiropractic Rehabilitation Sciences. Doctors who have this specialty designation become Fellows of the College, and receive the designation FCCRS(C) – Fellow of the Canadian College of Rehabilitative Sciences (Canada)

Chiropractic specialists are doctors who may limit their practice to problems involving only a special area of knowledge. For example, a family physician cares for patients with common diseases of the daily family life. Our doctors focuses is on back pain with an emphasis on active treatment like exercise. Through the specialist training program, a chiropractor develops a unique combination of knowledge, training and skills. With experience, a specialist is as thorough and scientific as it comes in providing expert diagnosis and safe, effective treatment approaches.

While maintaining a private practice, a specialist is also a resource for other doctors or third parties seeking help with complicated patients. Dr. Kos is recognized as a specialist and frequently receives referrals from field chiropractors and medical doctors.