Treatment Options

The doctors will perform an examination on the first visit and depending on the complexity of the condition may provide a report of findings and treatment on the same visit.  Treatment recommendations are made during the report of findings and may include some or all of the following:

  • Adjustments to key joint dysfunctions
  • Modalities to improve soft tissue healing and pain control (ultrasound, electrical stimulation and traction)
  • Myofascial work including: trigger point release, muscular stretching and facilitation techniques, and cross fibre friction massage.
  • Exercises to improve muscles balance, strength, and coordination
  • Patient education to improve posture and motor control
  • Nutritional advice and education
  • Advice regarding the application of heat/cold
  • Indeed, specific medical referral will be made if the doctors deems it necessary

Importantly, our doctors will establish specific goals for your chiropractic treatment plan.

  • Short term goals for chiropractic treatment – to reduce pain and restore normal joint function and muscle balance
  • Long term goals for chiropractic treatment – to restore functional independence and tolerance to normal activities of daily living

To reach these goals and depending on the nature of your condition, the doctors may suggest that you receive a series of chiropractic visits. An example would be 1 to 3 chiropractic visits per week for 2 to 4 weeks followed by a re-examination.

At the re-examination, the response to treatment will be determined and one of the following decisions will be made:

  • Continue chiropractic treatment if appropriate;
  • Release you from chiropractic care if your goals have been met; or
  • Referral to another healthcare specialist if your condition requires additional care to fully recover.