Nutritional Advice

Nutritional habits are frequently the cause of various systemic problems which can lead to a weakness in body tissues, visceral dysfunction, fatigue, depression, irritability, and excessive muscular hypertonicity.  From a physical point of view, nutritional problems can directly or indirectly hasten, or increase the probability of, developing acute ligament and disc injury, and chronic pains.

We help patients identify nutritional faults, both in terms of deficiencies and excesses, so they can correct their eating behaviour and nutrition with a view to improving overall bodily constitution and physical and mental well being.

Frequently the correction of bad nutritional habits can significantly reduce the requirement for treatment, ease pain more quickly, restore function, and balance the body and the mind.

The Kos Chiropractic Centre carries a few hand picked vitamin supplements as a service to our patients.  Many of our supplements come from different companies in order to offer our patients the highest quality vitamins at the best price point.  We frequently review literature and wholesale vitamin information to make sure our patients are always receiving the best quality at the best price.