Kos Chiropractic Goals

Ultimately goals of treatment at the Kos Chiropractic Centre are to return our patients to normal or better that normal health in the shortest, more efficient, least painful and most enduring way.

Those goals are accomplished by:

  • Reducing pain in acute or chronically swollen tissue
  • Restoring joint mobility and soft tissue pliability
  • Restoring normal functional integrity
  • Patient education
  • Providing exercises to strengthen what is weak, make pliable what is tight, stabilized what is unstable, improve aerobic endurance, and improve activation speeds of muscles through specialized proprioceptive exercises.
  • Providing behavioural advice to reduce the probability of recurrence
  • Improving diet and nutritional status
  • Improving spinal stability

In a percentage of cases, depending on the requirements of work related activities, previous structural limitations (i.e. arthritic changes, post-surgical motion limitations, age, etc…), an historical tendency towards recurrence of similar injuries, the doctors may advise patients to receive intermittent treatment in order to maintain your optimal function and reduce the probability of recurrence.