Keep Your Holidays on the Right Track

Eat a balanced meal with protein before parties!
Eat a balanced meal of protein, complex carbs and healthy omega fats before going out to stave off cravings and binging. If you’re low on time, pack your purse full of protein or high fiber bars.

May your party plate be filled… with protein and colorful veggies!
Choose a rainbow of colourful fruits and vegetables, and eat protein to keep your blood sugar balanced.
The best bets for protein are a handful of nuts, bean dips, eggs, turkey, pork or seafood. Skip the cheese & baked goods.

I’ll have a martini please, or organic red wine.
If you choose to consume alcohol, have a dry vodka martini (vodka is gluten and sulphite free) or add unsweetened juice. Avoid artificial sweeteners, sugary beverages, and calorie packed coolers, and beer.

Give yourself the gift of water!
Following any alcoholic beverage that you partake in, drink one full glass of water to dilute the alcohol and ease the burden on your liver. This will also keep your body from becoming dehydrated, which often leads to a hangover feeling the next day.

Use the three bite rule….
Can’t pass up dessert? Give yourself three bites- one to taste, one to savour, and one to be finished and proud of yourself for your willpower. Eat slowly and try to smell and taste your food- make it a total sensory experience.

Sweeten things up!
Everyone needs a bit of chocolate now and then, especially when surrounded by family! Keep a stash of organic, fair trade dark chocolate that is 70% cocoa or higher. Eat a square when you have a craving, or try individually wrapped squares if you have less will power.

Regular Eggnog is a no-go!
Each ½ cup glass of regular eggnog contains 230 calories, 28g of sugar and 12g of saturated fat. If you add rum and you increase the sugar and fat content further.  A Starbuck’s Eggnog latte contains 510 calories and 29g of fat!  If you are a real eggnog nut, enjoy a glass of light soy or light eggnog instead!

Keep moving!
Over the holidays, improvise to keep your heart rate up. Go for a walk and enjoy the snow, go tobogganing, take a new class, or have a family dance-off in the kitchen. If you know you’ll be eating a large or calorie dense meal, exercise beforehand. Aim for at least 20 minutes of movement per day.

Boost your system with vitamins and antioxidants!
Dampen the stress of the holidays by adding an antioxidant blend (vitamins A, C, E, selenium & zinc) or a high quality multivitamin with lots of B’s to avoid feeling sluggish and heavy or hungover.

Make a commitment… to yourself!
Do you always overeat during the holidays?  Set a specific nutritional goal for December, and give yourself positive messages of encouragement- “I am going to eat differently this year”, “I can really do this, because I am strong”. Reinforce your good choices when you’ve done well by treating yourself to something nice.